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D/4 Squadrons

Lake Hopatcong
City Island  
Raritan Bay
Staten Island
Northern New Jersey
New York
Barnegat Bay
Liberty Harbor



Boatowners : Another great site for links. : Member submitted site. Discussion site on everything boating.

PWC Safety School : America's online source for PWC safety education.

The National Safe Boating Test : Test your knowledge!

NMMA - National Marine Manufactures Association.

Wear It! - Always wear your life jacket.

New Jersey and Local

Hunterdon Sailing Club: The Hunterdon Sailing Club was founded in 1964 and is a not-for-profit group dedicated to promoting the sport of sailing. The club sponsors training programs for youth and adults, and organizes races, cruises and special regattas for the enjoyment of both novice and veteran sailors.

Tuckerton Seaport: NJ's own maritime museum.

Marine Trades Association/NJ : NJ maritime trade organization.

The Fishing Line: Tri-state Area's own fishing source.

Nor'east Fishing: The journal of northeast sport fishing.

Shore Guide: News about the Jersey Shore

New Jersey Lighthouse Society: NJ's own lovers of all things lighthouse.


Department of Homeland Security: Our nation's defense

US Coast Guard: What is there to say?

USCG Office of Boating Safety: Resources for safe public boating

Coast Guard Aux.: The "weekend warrior" version of the Coast Guard

Local Notice to Mariners: Update your charts.

Coast Pilot: The who, what, when, where and how of the US coast.

National Organizations

Boat/US: Saving, Service, Representation since 1966 Sea Tow: Your Road Service at Sea


West Marine Boaters World

Misc. Sailing info.

Sailing Page: Lots of info on all types of sailing vessels.

Apple (iOS) and Android software: Apps for your smart phone.

Some of Our Speakers

John Wenz: Marine Survey & Consulting

Herb Seager: Underwater photo's.

Appleton Marine, Inc.: Educational programs and delivery services. Jersey's own kayaks expert.

Free Bee's & Downloads

National Seafood Guide: Knowing that fish and seafood is caught or farmed in ways that support a healthy environment.

Bennett Trim Tabs: See how trim tabs work and download a fun simulator for your PC.

Magazines, E-Zines, TV, and Radio
There are very few radio and TV shows about boating, luckily we have the web that brings it all together.

Boating - Name say's it all Ship Shape TV - Ship Shape TV is a half hour BOAT IMPROVEMENT
"how-to" television series, similar in format to some of today's most successful "Home Improvement" TV shows

Soundings - The BIG mag. of the industry.

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