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Web Access To Mail

There are a number of ways to get to your mail from a browser, but the two most common ways are to go directly to the mail at or from the “Member Email” link in the “Member Area” of our public web site,  You will login with your user ID, which is your first name, a period, then your last name, i.e. firstname.lastname.  The should already be present on the login form.  If it is not present (e.g. because you’re accessing a generalized service), you will have to login with your full e-mail address, i.e.  Your password was initialized and sent to you, but you can change it. If you need to reset your password, please contact, or 973-944-0837.

Once in, you’ll notice a few things.  First, is the menu bar at the top left:

From here, you can access other services like Calendar, Documents, your Contacts, and more.

Next, at the upper right hand corner, you’ll see a “gear”  Clicking on that will show:
This can get you to your settings, where you can customize your mail, including forwarding it (but more on that later) as well as get help.

Finally, you can logout by clicking on your user name next to the gear in the upper right hand corner:

Click “Sign out” at the bottom to logout.

That should get you started.  You can also find out more about your mail by visiting the link  If you have any problems, contact Support at: