Your Squadron E-Mail

I wanted to address some misconceptions and provide additional background on your squadron e-mail.  In the past, we had little e-mail capability beyond mailing lists for the officers and certain specialized functions.  We had to rely on members using their personal e-mail accounts.  This approach suffered from a number of drawbacks in the areas of manageability, security, and persistence just to name three.  By adopting Google Apps (a $10,000/year service which is provided to us free as a non-profit), we now have a first class e-mail system which provides multi-level anti-spam and anti-virus protection, highly secure access, authentication, authorization, and dynamic and nested mailing lists.

What this also means is that your personal e-mail address is no longer used or managed by the squadron.  In the near future, the national database will be updated with your squadron e-mail address so that all your USPS mail will be centrally managed.  This does not mean that you cannot have your mail forwarded to your personal account if you desire, but you will need to manage that yourself.  Many of you will not need to do anything, as we already setup your squadron e-mail accounts to forward to your personal accounts when we switched to Google Apps last year.  Security has been increased, though, so we can no longer setup or change forwarding for members.  The process is very much like your work e-mail account (except that your employer may not allow you to forward mail).  

You can find out more information about your mail in the links in this section.  If you have problems, contact support at: