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History of the Lackawanna Sail & Power Squadron
This is not to be considered a complete record rather a compilation of memories as best we could gather them from multiple sources.
P/C  Charles H. Watts and P/C Carolyn C. Markham 

The First Thirty Years

The first ten years having past, we found F. Willard Griffith as Commander of Lackawanna Power Squadron for the Watch Year 1968/69, followed by Richard B. Deans in 1969/70. Of these first twelve Past Commanders (8) held the top rating of N., (3) JN and (1) AP.  In 1969/70 we also see Tom Swander as Executive Officer and Ray Finley as Administrative Officer. P/C Howard B. Johnson, N (1965/66) also served as Squadron Education Officer in 1967/68. Howard (a charter Member of Lackawanna) went on to become the first District 4 Commander from LPS in 1971.  An impressive start for the seventies. Under Tom Swander in 1970/71 Lackawanna was one of 400 squadrons in USPS, a national organization of about 80,000 members, the largest private boating educational organization in the world! 

At this time the National Safe Boating Week flourished with 23 National Organizations, including the US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Red Cross. Lackawanna, as well as many squadrons throughout USPS, provided a free piloting course to the public. USPS was a private boating club with education as its primary service and was considered a non-profit organization of men. During the tours of Tom Swander and Ray Finley all seemed in good order with all going along smoothly- until disaster struck! As an all male organization, women could not be members, but had all the privileges (without paying dues) but could neither hold office, vote, nor fly the USPS ensign. They could take any of the courses. These ladies were considered “Women Certificate” holders rather than members. A WC holder from the Palisades (NJ) Power Squadron requested admission to membership after passing the required piloting course.  As an all male ‘club’ the by-laws did not permit women to become members.

Up to this period many ladies, mostly wives of members, were greatly involved in both education and social functions, and some had completed all advanced grade courses, through Navigation. Lackawanna’s own Dot Cohen was one of the first to do so.  Later three other women from N.Y. squadrons, each having passed the free Piloting course, requested membership.  “Civil Rights” Activists and soon the Courts acting on their behalf caused much concern in USPS nationwide.  At this time USPS national headquarters moved from Montvale, NJ to larger accommodations in Raleigh, NC.These cases developed into questions as to whether or not USPS was a “Public Accommodation”. All free public courses were stopped in 1974. Only members of USPS were allowed to continue their education within the Squadron.  This suspension continued for nearly 10 years, thus making the “Public” the losers. 

Although Public Boating Courses (formerly called Piloting Classes) are again being offered to anyone they are no longer free. Again, a loss to the general public. During the time of litigation, members were requested to donate money toward the “Legal Defense Fund”. Most members were against the State or Federal Government dictating what to teach, to whom to teach, where to teach, and how to teach. (Does this sound familiar? We are currently [summer of 2008] going through much the same under the name of “NJ Boat Safety Instructor Certification”.) Within USPS there was much controversy among members, many were against accepting women as members but most were in favor, but “Public Accommodation”  NO!  Actually, polls taken among women found they were generally NOT in favor of any changes.  Also some men did not think it was appropriate for their wives to attend meetings and functions without them.  “Public Accommodation” in effect dictated what, where, why, to whom and how these classes could be conducted.  This litigation affected NY squadrons as well as NJ, but the New York State squadrons accepted the restrictions.  However, because much of the litigation originated in NJ all public courses were halted.  Since NJ lacked any other form of free Safe Boating Courses this was a serious loss to the general public.  Such courses had been offered for over 50 years.

In the 1971/72 bridge year Ray Finley was Commander of LPS and P/C F. Willard Griffith attained the rank of Rear Commander as chairman of a National Committee.  Classes were held at Chubb, but due to the litigation their executives were advised to discontinue allowing as many as 100 students to use the facilities due to security 
reasons. Other locations were found while some classes were even held in member’s homes or places of business.  This same year Lackawanna was proud to have P/C Howard B. Johnson elected Commander of District Four.
Each year meetings were held, social events took place and signs of life continued.  The “Change of Watch” usually the most impressive social event was followed by Fall and Spring Membership Meetings, the D/4 Conferences, Founders Day, Predicted Logs, Cruises, Sail/Power Day and raft-ups.“The Auction” held annually at the Chatham Fish and Game Club grew and later was held at the gym at Bayley Ellard High School, as more space was required.

Membership in the early 70’s reached nearly 500 with LPS the largest squadron in NJ, however at this time overall membership in USPS had dropped to about 60,000 in midsummer partly due to some dissatisfaction over litigation.  In NJ it was particularly difficult to attract new members since the free ‘public boating safety’ courses, a main source of potential members, had been halted by the courts.  During 1976 the Country was celebrating the 200th year and in our area nothing was more significant than the “Tall Ships” and what was called “Op-Sail”.  It was a 
magnificent, awesome, inspiring parade of Tall Ships, Windjammers and the like through New York Harbor. Due to the location the NY and NJ squadrons were prominent in this great event.  As Commander of District Four at that time, our own P/C Ray Finley played an important part in choreographing the movement of these ships.  It was critical to move all of the Tall Ships under the bridges down the East River and into the Hudson during ONE TIDE—an extremely complicated logistical problem!  Ray planned and plotted the safe passage of these ships.  The following year Ray Finley was the recipient of the Annual National Award for “Outstanding Contribution to Safe 
Boating” for his efforts in “Op Sail”.

Gaps in the Bridge. As had happened in earlier years, and would always be a possible problem in the future, the fact that a Bridge Officer would be unable to complete his tour of duty could be serious. The 1974/75 Bridge was comprised of Commander Arthur Shilling, Executive Officer Richard Slover and Administrative Officer Charles Lamken.  Richard Slover had a career change and was neither able to complete his year as Exec. Officer nor to follow Shilling as Commander.  Fortunately in this case, Charlie Lamken was capable and able to fill the void, but it can seriously affect the entire bridge and Executive Committee.  The year as administrative officer is crucial to the training for command, since the Executive Officer’s duties are to assist the commander and be ready to step in and take command at any time. 

Toughest Job—a Salute to Nominating Committees. It may be an “unwritten ”law, but it is customary and desirable for all six Bridge officers to be able to advance or adhere to the schedule. Customarily the SEO, Treasurer and 
Secretary serve for three year terms due to the complexity and necessary continuity of their work. There is a normal three year progression from Admin to Exec to Commander, as each has a “learning curve” and it is not always easy to find a replacement in mid-stream. Thus, the nominating committee has a grave and crucial job requiring several years of observation before offering its findings to the general membership. Their job is additionally complicated in that not only must their selections be qualified, but they must also be available and willing to serve the three years if possible.

As the seventies continued and Mike Ferro was Commander, our Auction grew to such a great event that well over 350 people attended.  The Auction continued to grow in both donations and attendees into the mid eighties all due to the hard work and cooperation of many. Of great importance was the part played by John Doyle. He had many contacts with boat suppliers and was able to get many supplies and “freebies”. It was known that he contacted as many as 1500 individual potential donors and may even have “twisted” a few arms.  Bill Nostrand (Cdr 1983/84) also was prominent in all facets of the Auction including his setting up the “Auction Cruises” in which individuals offered their vessels for an outing to the one who “bought” that cruise. Some cruises were on Sail or Powerboat events, others were overnight or even for “a day of crabbing”. These offerings were made under a “silent bid” type of Auction.
Owen Glasson (1977/78) Stan Taylor (1978/79) and Gil Bell (1979/80) has great years with both education and many social events.  As a representative of D/4, Stan Taylor arranged to have a District Four event at the ‘Meadowlands Race Track”, where actually horse race # 4 was dedicated to District Four of USPS.  Many guests rooted for jockey John Campbell as we had an active member of the same name.

Many events marked the end of the seventies. LPS brought home the coveted “Bell” award from the National Annual USPS Conference for the THIRD time!  Almost all due to the work of P/C Bob Cohen and the Teaching Aids Committee.  On the water events were held at Good Luck Point, Tice’s Shoal and the Toms River Yacht Club.  The 20th Anniversary of LPS was in 1978 during Stan Taylor’s Tour of Duty. Passing into the eighties with Cdr Don Joslin at the helm, classes for members flourished and events were noted with the announcement of new “Senior Members” i.e.: one earning 5 merit marks, awarding of 25 year membership pins, and new “Master Mariners”, all striving to reach the next leveling education.  As the litigation in the courts continued so did the requests for contributions to the “Legal Defense Fund”, but there was NO end in site...

During Don Joslin’s year as Cdr (1980/81) he changed the LPS Predicted Log event to include competition with the Watchung Power Squadron.  The first year was won by Watchung, but the next year it was captured by LPS. Many members felt that it increased the friendly competition and others felt it was more competitive and no longer a “fun” event among ourselves. This event continued into the 3rd and 4th year of squadron competition.  Also during Don’s year LPS won the Leach Memorial Award.  This D/4 award goes to the squadron that has accumulated the highest number of points by the advancement of members through courses, combined with attendance at the District Spring and Fall Conferences. This year Tom Swander and Dick Zeich became Master Mariners and Tom Swander became a Rear Commander as chairman of a USPS national committee. Ken Merkel and Sheldon Bennett received their 25-year pins Unfortunately Don Joslin died the year after his tour. He had been appointed by National to serve as a Staff Cdr. 

In 1980/81 we find Ray Finley a Vice Commander having been elevated from Stf/C to the National Bridge as Administrative Officer. At the 1981/82 Change of Watch Lackawanna was honored to have V/C Finley swearing in the Bridge with Chad Watts as Cdr. Also this year Art Shilling became the District 4 Commander.   Cdr Watts developed a new event this year “Lake Hopatcong Day”, the theory being that most of the on-water events were held on Barnegat Bay near Toms River. and those without boats or those who trailered boats could participate with members from the Lake Hopatcong Squadron. It was started as a low-key affair with everyone bringing their own refreshments. Attending were 20 from LPS, slightly more from Hopatcong and 3 boats from LPS including Carl & Louise Riker in their runabout, (the same one frequently seen in the 4th of July Parades).   Sail/Power Day at Good Luck Point was a huge success with 10 sailboats and 13 powerboats participating in a formal Pass-in-Review with sailboats under sail in the lead, and Powerboats following, as they passed before Cdr. Watts aboard “3rd Rung”. The rendezvous attended by over 150 people were served – 200 hamburgers, 160 hot dogs, 30 lbs. potato salad 125 ears of corn as well as sodas, beer, tea and coffee. The 1981/82 Predicted Log, again held with Watchung, only saw 7 boats from LPS and 3 from Watchung due to inclement weather. During this year long-time Roster editor George Kessler died and as in general practice at funerals for members, a service was held in honor of the deceased by a contingent of members in uniform or blue blazer. At the request of the family, the deceased’s name was submitted for listing in the “Last Horizon” column of the “Ensign”.  An annual Memorial Service, attended by many representatives from all the squadrons, is held by District Four. Instrumental in establishing this moving and inspiring service was the Lackawanna member and District 4 Chaplin, Herbert .M Groce, Jr. The first District 4 Memorial Service took place in 1981 and was held at Cathedral of St. John the Devine Church in New York City. Lackawanna is very proud to have another National officer, the Most Reverend Herbert M. Groce currently (2008) serving as our National Chaplin. During his tour of 1982/83 Cdr Bob Cohen was well known as author of many Totem articles on radio, electronics and related services. Bob was one of the engineers from the USA selected to revitalize the technical areas in Japan after World War II.  The Auction this year was again a huge success and tables were set up for 400 attendees, who were hoped would also be buyers. As in other years many bargains were had, everyone enjoyed themselves., and left neither hungry nor thirsty. Did you know that at a previous auction a 25’ cabin cruiser was purchased by a squadron member?  Founders Day brought out over 80 people.  Slides of “Op Sail” were shown as most members had not seen them.  Bill Bolger was awarded the highest Lackawanna rating of Master Mariner.

Annual Meeting of USPS Spring 1982. No event in the history of USPS could ever surpass the extreme pleasure and importance of the election of Raymond A. Finley, Jr., as Chief Commander of United States Power Squadrons. He was honored at the National Meeting in Miami, FL by 40 loyal Lackawanna members and mates, along with 1200 USPS members, wives and friends as he became the 38th Chief Commander.  Prior to the National Meeting a “surprise” gathering, held at Llewellyn Farms to celebrate his nomination to the National Bridge, was attended by 80 members of LPS. (Ray thought he was going to a meeting at the home of Bob Cohen.) That year also saw the re-election of Tom Swander as R/C, Chairman of Navigation. Tom ultimately became a V/C in Education in the year 1990.  At this period the members of LPS were hoping for the end of the many years of litigation. The courts had received the filed briefs and the legal department had done all it possibly could and was awaiting a decision. Cdr Bill Nostrand (1983/84) was the recipient of the news from C/C Finley that litigation had been resolved and that the 
“Hinden Case” had been resolved so the New Jersey Squadrons could again function as a Private Organization.  Once again we would be able to provide the free boating course to the public. For almost 15 years NJ boaters had been denied having this boating education available. Under Cdr Nostrand’s leadership with Art Acton as SEO, the squadron hurriedly prepared for the new public boating course. Needed were leaders, course chairmen, teachers, proctors and many others to assist. With the Piloting Course, now renamed a public boating course, on hold for so many years, there were very few experienced members available to help. A GREAT PRICE to pay for “freedom’. Be Proud!

The solution to this lengthy ordeal opened the doors to accept women as full members. Once again membership was open by invitation to those qualified to become members in all states except New York. New York had ‘given in’ and thus continued as a “Public Accommodation”. In all states USPS membership requires the passing of the public boating course exam.  A member may propose someone for membership, but that individual must still take the exam.  Invitations were still on a selective basis needing approval by the existing membership.  During 1983/84 six women were sworn in as members. A little know fact – at the time LPS had 110 Women Certificate holders in addition to those six mentioned.  Most soon became active members and it has proved that their contribution has provided the squadron with not only the help, but also the leadership, with the 2000/01 bridge year seeing Lackawanna’s first woman Commander, Carolyn C. Markham, P.. Although several ladies had been certificate holders for many years, that time did not count as part of the qualification for a 25-year pin. Thus, only two ladies were still active in 2006 to receive their 25-year status. At this time Joan Watts became Lackawanna’s first woman Life Member.  For many years and continuing today, Joan has contributed much time and effort is selling the “Entertainment Books”, which are a fundraiser for the squadron and help cover some of the squadron’s expenses. When Lew Ward became Commander (1984/85), he may have been one of Lackawanna’s luckiest commanders with a new “tool” at his disposal.  The classes were soon filled with women- not only as students, but as proctors, lecturers and committee members.  The Power Squadron resumed its dedication to the boating public and with women to help it showed others that they too could be a part of such a great organization. Lew, Charlotte and the Corgis moved to Hilton Head, SC and became very active in the Hilton Head Squadron.  Subsequently, Lew also moved up the line and served National as R/C, Chairman of the Flag and Etiquette Committee.  During this year women’s uniforms became available and Dot Stout modeled one at a meeting.  (It is patterned after the U.S. Navy’s smart looking Waves uniform)  Dot, by the way, had been a very active Women’s Certificate holder and helped George Kessler with all facets of the Roster for many years.  Unfortunately, Dot passed away in an auto accident some years later.

As in years past, LPS followed a pattern for its calendar and social events including Change of Watch, Predicted Log, Founders Day, Membership Meetings, District Conferences, National Annual Meetings and Governing Boards.  During the eighties the Predicted Log Event was second in prestige to Change of Watch as it was held for 
many years at the Toms River Yacht Club.  Only one member had won three times which awarded him ownership of the coveted trophy.  This was “Pat” Patrick on “Tinker II” a 42’ cabin cruiser.  Horace M. Patrick later became Rear Commander and in the late seventies moved to Cape Coral, FL.   Since that time only Chad Watts, Bob Cohen and 
Artie Epstein have each won two times.  P/C Dick Morehouse was the only winner by Sailboat- under sail. Max von der Linden (1985/86) continued full force in the boating courses and one of his classes awarded him a plaque in recognition of his work.  By this time education had resumed in an orderly manner and the classes were mostly filled.  For many years LPS was proud to offer all advanced grade and elective courses each year.  Often students 
from other squadrons would come to Lackawanna, especially for JN and N. Long-time SEO Arthur Acton became Commander in 1986/87.  No one was ever more dedicated to education and LPS in general than Art, with his wife Jean to assist him socially.

Everyone’s favorite skipper came to the helm during 1987/88.  Harvey Page loved everyone and everyone loved Harvey and Sally, his mate.  “Kuippo” their 38’ cabin cruiser probably was the best known boat in the Squadron.  It was the unofficial “Squadron Vessel” serving as the anchor boat at most on-the-water events.  “Kuippo” was still serving as the official boat, receiving the Pass-in-Review parades at Sail/Power Day well into the next century.  At this time a tragic story must be told.  Back in 1981 at 0530 one morning Chad Watts’ wife Doris awoke him with the news that Harvey was on the phone and that “Kuippo” was on fire at its dock in Waretown.  Chad, as a close friend, immediately told Harvey that he would be right down (to New Vernon from Morris Plains) and take Harvey and Sally to the boat.  Only the shell was left and if anything was salvageable it would only be the two engines, the generator and the swim platform.  No one can imagine the grief of the Page’s-no one ever loved their boat more than those two people.The upside of this story is that later that year after many trips looking for the ‘right’ replacement, one was found in Virginia.  The Watts along with the Pages, in a rented “Lynx” station wagon, drove to Virginia, accepted the “new” Kuippo and sailed back to NJ.  The “new boat” was almost identical to the other one, but it really never replaced the one and only Kuippo.

As LPS moved towards the end of the eighties there have been many changes in the ranks of our squadron.  We have seen many advance in grades, rising to District and National positions, many new Senior Members, Life Members and new Master Mariners.  There were recipients of awards such as the Tom Swander Award, the 
prestigious Bob Cohen Award, and the District 4 award to P/C Bill Nostrand for excellence in teaching (known as the second step before the National Charles F. Chapman Award).  During the tour of Chris Windeler in 1988/89 confusion entered the chain of command.  As described earlier, an officer’s change of employment or location can upset the best plans of the squadron.  A member of the Bridge was forced to resign, leaving his duties to be filled by others.  One should realize that the position of Administrative Officer is second only to the Commander’s job.  Not that the Executive Officer’s job is a breeze, but the training gained as Admin Officer is crucial to  becoming Commander.  Unfortunately, filling the empty position could not be solved quickly and many months passed without a commitment.  Fortunately for the squadron Cdr Chris Windeler ably carried the extra load for most of his year and probably very few knew that there was ever a problem on the Bridge.  If LPS had had a weak leader it could have effected the next few years.  In 2008 Chris became DEO of District 4 and is instrumental in helping National set up the new Boat Operator Certification program. 

The Next Twenty...

Note: The rank and rating listed here are those in effect at the time reported.  Many subsequently have risen in rank and/or continued their USPS education to achieve higher ratings.


Cdr Richard (Dick) G. Morehouse, JN, led an active year in which the Swander Award for Excellence in Teaching was first proposed.  This award honored the late Vice Commander Thomas E. Swander, FC and is highly prized by its recipients.1991/92 It is interesting to note that of the 71 Merit Mark recipients that year, 10 are still active in 
LSPS affairs 17 years later.  A familiar sight at all Lackawanna functions were Cdr Robert (Rob) B. Thompson, JN and his wife Diana.  Both of them helped form the Long Valley Squadron in 1998 where both ultimately served as commander.  Now retired to New Bern, NC they are active in the Cape Lookout Squadron.


During the leadership of Cdr Elliott R. Rubin, P the first Lackawanna Golf Classic was held at the Farmstead Golf and Country Club.   An interesting article in the Totem that year suggested that the adaptation of the ‘fouled anchor’ motif in 1588 by the British Royal Navy and subsequently the U.S. Navy and the United States Power Squadrons 
may have been done due to “a very wry sense of humor”.


The June Sail-Power Day at Ocean Gate Yacht Basin boasted 20 boats and 120 attendees representing approximately one-third (1/3) of the membership.  These 20 boats formed up for a traditional Pass-in-Review before Cdr John (Jack) L. Reid, FC and the members of his bridge.  It must have been a good year for boating since there 
were also two successful cruises up the New England Coast and Bill and Sandy Robinson planned and organized the first of subsequently many annual bare boat charters to the British Virgin Islands.


Cdr Irving (Bud) J. Van Slyke, Jr., P piloted Lackawanna through a year that saw LORAN C begin to phase out as GPS came into common usage.  Courses in Seamanship, Piloting, AP, JN, and N were supplemented by Instructor Qualification, Weather and Marine Electronics.  The increasingly popular Sail-Power Day drew nearly 50% of the membership .  This social gathering offers much more than just camaraderie at the raft-up, Pass-in-Review and picnic.  It traditionally offered an opportunity for “Stink Potters” to go aboard and sail with the “Blow Boaters” and vice versa, thus gaining an appreciation and understanding for both power and sail boats.


The bridge year started off with a gala celebration of the Change of Watch at the appropriately nautical Jefferson House on Lake Hopatcong.  Newly installed Cdr. Richard ( Dick) B. Ewan, AP was presented with the usual gift, symbolic of his status – a “pair” of socks- one green for the right foot and one red for the left, to help him guide 
Lackawanna through the channels of USPS.  This year was the event of Lackawanna Power Squadron’s first “female Bridge Officer” as Carol Montgomery, JN assumed the first of her three successful years as Squadron Education Officer.  A great deal of imaginative effort and hard work went into Lackawanna’s EXPO chaired by P/C Bob 
Cohen, SN.  It was an event the likes of which has not been duplicated.  It offered table displays for the many educational courses as well as the Ships Store, Cruising in the B.V.I.’s, explanations of the various Officer’s duties and displays of some of the award winning teaching Aids used in many of the courses.  One of the highlights was a 
working model of navigational lights.  All displays were attended by several knowledgeable members ready to answer any questions.  Drawings were held for free admission to several of the classes.


Cdr William J Robinson, JN headed up a busy year including a bus trip  to Governor’s Island for a tour of the U.S. Coast Guard Station in New York Harbor.  A Predicted Log event preceded the Barnegat Bay raft-up.  Featured in the “Lackawanna Profiles Column” was Carnot Ward, JN, one of our charter members.  Carnot and his wife Jane 
related a very interesting story of a 21 day barge cruise along the Tennessee Valley Waterway.  Bill has kept busy in USPS circles and is now Rear Commander as Chairman of the National Auditing Committee.


Robert (Bob) R .Bray, JN took command of the good ship Lackawanna with an extensive background in Education having earned 19 Merit Marks in that department, where over a thousand students crossed his path.  He headed up an active year filled with a pre-cruise/Spring Dinner, Sail/Power Day, several cruises and raft-ups, Holiday party and Founders Day as well as a busy education schedule.  It was during his watch that, in conjunction with P/C/C Ray Finley and Gene Flannery, most of the planning and preliminary work was done to form the new Long Valley Power Squadron at the request of National.


Cdr Herbert (Herb) F. McCaffrey, N had an unusual year in that LPS officially spun-off the Long Valley Power Squadron.  Although a very proud ‘parent’, Lackawanna sorely missed the 40 active members who left to form the new squadron under the guidance of Cdr Eugene (Gene) F. Flannery, JN. Herb and his wife Audrey led the way aboard the Paddle Wheel Ship “River Lady” as members and friends of Lackawanna joined together for a pleasant dinner cruise in celebration of Lackawanna’s 40th Anniversary.  D/4 Commander Allen I. Miller, N and his wife Betty helped celebrate.  1999/2000Cdr Arthur (Artie) A. Epstein, AP proudly took part in the USPS 85th Anniversary
“Voyage of the Ensign” in which the Power Squadron Ensign was moved through New York Harbor as it passed from squadron to squadron all around the nation.  In spite of poor weather P/C Harvey Page brought his “old faithful” 38’ cabin cruiser to again serve as anchor boat for Sail /Power Day.  One of the saddest of a commander’s duties is to 
arrange for a squadron memorial service.  This Artie did in great style with a fine and formal tribute to P/C and P/D4/Education Officer Robert ( Bob) M. Cohen, SN.  Artie made good use of his experience as Commander to become Commodore of the Liberty Yacht Club.  With all this experience he was of course asked to again lead Lackawanna in the year 2006/07.


A new millennium, a new name, and a first female Commander for Lackawanna.  The Change of Watch was celebrated at the Jefferson House on Lake Hopatcong with Cdrelect Carolyn (Carrie) C. Markham, P being escorted by P/C/C Raymond A. Finley, SN, and sworn in by P/D/C Jane B. Sorensen, AP. A new name, befitting the new 
millennium and acknowledging the great contribution to USPS by our “Sailing” sailors, was unanimously voted upon.  This squadron, hence forth known as Lackawanna Sail and Power Squadron, had the honor to serve as Color Guard for the District 4 Fall Conference.  Founder’s Day sported a “Fashion Show’ of USPS uniforms from Class A 
Bow Tie to Blazer Casual and the new VSC polo shirt.  National Safe Boating Week was again publicized by a full window display in Madison.  A sad note was sounded by the passing of Lt Dorothy (Dot) D. Cohen, the only female member to complete all the educational courses.  


After serving as Administrative Officer and then Executive Officer, Virginia M. Bedesem, P became Commander.  In a play on words, soon-to-be Jr. P/C Carrie opened the ““Change of Witch, I mean Change of Watch””  in recognition of the first two female Commanders. (There were some old time members who thought this to be accurate).  In May of 2001 District 4 staged their first National Safe Boating Expo at Liberty Landing Marina, Liberty State Park, NJ.  At the annual Clambake on Sept 15th, 2001 Virginia planned and led an emotional service in which we pledged allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, flown at half-mast in tribute to those many souls lost in the 
attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.  A very fine prayer was composed and read by Lt Audrey McCaffrey, P, Chaplin.  After Moving to Delaware, Virginia joined and later served as Commander of Blue Hen Power Squadron.


Cdr I. Lawrence (Larry) Brand, AP started out his year with an elegant Change of Watch that included a 16-piece Big Band for dancing and listening pleasure.  After the festivities he had a very busy year which offered almost all advanced grade and elective courses, the usual social events, plus a new “Schooner Sail” around NYC Harbor.  Coop charting, a photo contest won by Carl Riker, a Safe Boating Week window display, and a Sail/Power day attended by 55 members and 3 boats rounded out this active year.  The Public boating courses were again held in both Morristown and Summit.  Larry was directly responsible for having the “USPS National Safe Boating Quiz” 
television program broadcast on cable television every Saturday morning, and its still being broadcast to this day.  Cdr Brand was also able to a get the Morristown radio station to give Lackawanna varied spots promoting the group’s public courses.  His efforts paid off with one of the best attended years for the public courses in recent 


The incoming enthusiastic bridge, comprising Cdr Dick Aiken, Execs. Harry Howard (Apr–Nov) and Bill Robinson (Dec–Apr), SEO Walt Meissner, Admin. Officer Anthony Pisano, Secretary Kelley Fahey, and Treasurer John Horsford, was installed on April 25 at a festive Change of Watch held at Headquarters Plaza Hotel.  Four well-attended meetings — Summer Kick-off, Fall Membership, Founders Day and election meeting — featured interesting speakers on marine weather and products, shipwrecks and pirates along the New Jersey coast, sailing around the world and the 1865 sinking of a sidewheeler.  At the Holiday Party, a plaque was presented to long-time member P/C Harvey Page in honor of his 90th birthday.  Sadly, Harvey died in early 2004.  Lackawanna offered the full complement of public and member courses, plus the new “GPS for Boaters” seminar.  Popular summer activities included a raft-up in Barnegat Bay, a rendezvous in Haverstraw Marina, several sail and power cruises and a clambake hosted by Carrie Markham.  Tom Gilbert was submitted for the USPS Life Saving Award for his rescue of a victim in a burning boat, and he received this award at the next USPS Annual Meeting.  Total membership remained constant at 251 members.


Cdr William J. Robinson, SN again takes the helm for another year of smooth sailing.  Bill’s name & rank are often shown in Lackawanna publications with the suffix MM, a special designation by LSPS meaning Master Mariner, which denotes a Senior Member (5 or more merit marks) who has completed all elective and advanced grade courses, (not including supplemental courses).  Having again successfully guided LSPS through another year, Bill continued his dedication to USPS by Chairing the National Audit Committee, with a new rank of Rear Commander.


Cdr Anthony J. Pisano, AP continued changes that were set in motion during his time as Executive Officer.  During his tenure as Commander he renewed the practice of having meaningful speakers attend the fall and spring membership meetings and with that offered the members a catered dinner at a negligible price.  Attendance at the meetings quadrupled by the following year, reaching as high as eighty five members and guests for a single evening.  Sail / Power Day was moved to a more northerly location (Raritan Bay) and the date pushed into the middle of the summer.  This opened the event to more northern boaters from the Hudson River, Staten Island, and beyond and almost assured good weather for the affair.  Sail/Power Day in 2005 was one of the best attended by boat in more than a decade.  That evening, a delicious dinner was had by both water attendees and non-water attendees, again at a nominal price.  Capt. Pisano exemplifies the great part that education plays in the activities of the squadrons.  He has dedicated much of his time and effort in advertising, planning, and teaching the public boating courses over the years.  Anthony’s dedication to the public portion of the Education Dept. has greatly contributed to the squadron’s treasury allowing for events and activates to be squadron subsidized making them more affordable to members. 
Anthony has also redesigned the squadron website and newsletter and has received yearly awards for his work in both instances from National.


Cdr Kelley L. Fahey, AP came to the helm with much experience on the Bridge.  She served five years as Secretary where she not only recorded minutes but also learned the ins and outs of managing a squadron.  That knowledge helped her to fill the void that was left when a member of the Bridge needed to resign due to a job change.  
During her term in office Cdr Fahey had the support of her Bridge comprised of Executive Officer Joe Lipowski, Administrative Officer Raymond Nylander, SEO Richard Aiken, Secretary Maureen Medure, and Treasurer Michael DiStefano. Lackawanna’s social and activities calendar was also very busy during this time beginning with the Fire Extinguisher Training at the Morris County Fire and Police Training Academy.  Sail Power Day at the Ocean Gate Yacht Basin started out with a rainy morning, but the weather cleared up and cooperated for an enjoyable afternoon 
for all 43 people that attended.  Two hardy souls braved the questionable weather that day to come by boat, Bill Nostrand and Andy Preiser.  Even though we were unable to have a raft-up and formal Pass in Review, Andy provided boat rides on Toms River on his powerboat.  This year the Fall Clam Bake at Carrie Markham’s was a joint event that was co-sponsored by both Long Valley Power Squadron and Lackawanna.  ‘Santa’ once again made a memorable appearance at our annual Holiday Party in December.   The Fall Membership meeting was informative with a speaker from the NJ State Police who spoke about maritime issues affecting boaters in New Jersey, including the “mandatory boating education law” that was passed that year.  While the new law took many by surprise, it helped increase the number of students in our Public Boating courses.  LSPS was also asked to hold a Public Boating Course at the D4 Spring Conference in March of 2007.  


Here’s Artie again! Although Cdr Arthur A. Epstein, AP could sail the ship blindfolded, he did not do it blindly.  Once again in his capable hands Lackawanna sailed a smooth course through-out the year.


Our newest Commander Raymond (Ray) H. Nylander, AP, faces a challenging year in which Lackawanna Sail & Power Squadron will celebrate its FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY on October 18, 2008, its charter having been ratified by the United States Power Squadrons on November 10, 1958. With great enthusiasm and concurrence by the 
members present at the Change of Watch on April 22, 2008, Maureen F. Medure received the Robert M. Cohen Award,  “presented to the member who most personifies the great gifts of wit, good humor, camaraderie, warmth and friendship which Robert M. Cohen brought to each and every squadron gathering during his thirty years as an 
active member”.

Apr 13, 2011, 9:12 AM